Month: September 2019

Collaborate with Intention

By Arielle Estoria, September 19, 2019

Do you remember in the early school days up until even highschool, where the teacher would assign group projects, and an objective sound would escape from the majority of students?

There were those who didn’t want to be placed in the group of students who cared too much about school, and there were those who didn’t want to be the person who was left doing all the work. These formative moments whether we knew it or not shaped how we viewed teamwork and collaboration, it often became work that we would rather do on our own than to exhaust the effort of working with others.

As our professionalism and life experience grew, however, we realized how beneficial the power of collaboration really was. We realized how much transformation and tangible impact can be had when forces are united. At Cantinas Arts, we not only recognize the importance of collaboration, but we thrive because of it.

If you’re familiar with who we are and what we do, then you know that every year we have the opportunity of creating an extensive, interactive performance featuring amazing well-known artists and our own community of artists for the Paso Robles County Fair. This “Night of Faith” performance is the epitome of our definition of collaboration, it is where our Dancers, Poets, and Musicians of all different genres come together to create a beautiful seamless story and a reminder of how much Jesus loves us and others.

We realize that in order to make kingdom impact that stretches past individual reach, we have to unite, we have to come together with dance, original song, and poetry that contributes to the bigger story being told. That’s what our heart for collaboration is all about, the bigger story, the story that permeates John 3:16 into every dance move, every metaphorical line, rhyming chorus and every stage our artists step onto. That is the power of not only artistic collaboration but collaboration as believers which creates a uniting moment where we can stand together in every aspect of Imago Dei and share with others the BIGGER community (Heaven) that they can be part of.

Check out our most recent 2019 Night of Faith performance with featured artist Danny Gokey and Cantinas Artists below and see how we exemplify collaboration!