Month: December 2019

This Season

By: Arielle Estoria December 8th, 2019

As an arts-centered organization, we are always looking for opportunities to exemplify God’s grace and point his beloved people back to his goodness through the arts, and that’s why we love the Christmas season. 

It is so easy to become caught in the hustle and bustle of parties and events and making sure there’s enough money in the bank for gifts. But there is so much more. We can seek out opportunities to find the stillness, to take in moments of rest and intentionally experience, hear, and see God in new ways. There are so many ways to experience the Christmas story through performances, nativity reenactments, and timeless hymns. 

In everything we do this season, there are opportunities for intention. This season is a time to be thankful. To truly see the beauty of those around you and to bring people into the greatest gift of all. To share the message that they are perfectly loved as they are. The savior of the world came to this world as a child and gave his life for them.

What a beautiful season of cookies, gratitude, and overwhelming joy that can bring us to the table with people we love, reflecting on the greatest love known to man: Jesus, and we believe that indeed, is the reason for the season.

We encourage you to look for glimpses of the sacred. To step out of the stress and open your hearts to the beauty and worship in this season.