Cantinas Arts is passionate about increasing access to quality arts programming for underserved communities—especially school-aged children.   We believe a meaningful engagement with the arts should be a vital part of every child’s education.  Studies have proven the arts can have a positive effect on a young persons’ confidence, cognition, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence—and even on their immune system! The arts help children think creatively about the world and empower them to express their deepest thoughts and emotions.  For these reasons and more, a well-designed art program produces lasting impact in a child’s life.

Unfortunately, many communities have limited access to artistic instruction due to financial constraints, language, ethnic background, age, or disability.  To help address this inequality, Cantinas develops customized curriculum to enhance or create new quality arts programming for other non-profits already working with youth in underserved communities.

Under this creative model, Cantinas teams up with a trusted partner organization and provides them with Cantinas teachers, classes, and specialized sessions at no additional cost to their budget.   The scope and design of each program is developed jointly on a case-by-case basis and is focused on each partner’s self-assed needs and desire for growth.  The result is a new or enriched artistic program within our partner’s existing organization, which drastically multiplies their impact within the community without the burden of extra fundraising.  

By working together—and thanks to Cantinas’ generous donors—both organizations are better equipped to achieve our mutual goal of providing quality arts education to children from the communities who need it most.



“Harambee” means “let’s get together and push” in Swahili. For over 37 years, Harambee Ministries has served a 12-block target area in Northwest Pasadena, CA. Centered at Howard St. and Navarro Ave., the location was once called “blood corner.” but, with decades of love, dedication, and service, they have improved conditions for kids, students, families, and the community.

Their programs nurture and equip leadership that will holistically minister to the community by sharing Biblical truths, shedding light to individual artistic gifts and creating collective showcasing opportunities. With Executive Director Albert, who is the founder and lead pastor of Fellowship Church and their dedicated volunteers and teachers, the arts are used to educate, empower, disciple and grow Christian leaders and create conversation for racial reconciliation and healing in the Los Angeles area and beyond.