The Artist Mentorship Program is for young and emerging artists who want to develop their art form in a spiritually elevated community. Every aspect of our programming has been carefully crafted to holistically prepare young talent for successful careers in the arts and media.  Through a unique application and audition process, we invite 25-35 highly skilled artists into the program with…

Professional instruction in their artistic medium(s)
Paid performance and teaching opportunities (JOBS!)
Workshops with industry executives, expert instructors, therapists, and thought leaders
Community-building events
Career mentorship and coaching
• Contest opportunities to win funding for original content creation
• Christian spiritual discipleship and leadership training
The chance to share/perform new creations at public showcases
And so much more…!




How to Get Involved

Qualification is based on each applicant’s demonstrated commitment to honing their craft and to positively impacting society with their talent and faith.  We expect our participants to have diligence in training, a deep love for learning, and a desire for excellence and integrity in all they do.  Enrollment lasts for a minimum of one year and may continue for those who show true dedication to the program and to their artistic development.


Cantinas Arts is a non-profit ministry deeply committed to lowering the barrier of entry for expert artistic instruction, and we are proud to offer The Artist Mentorship Program at NO FINANCIAL COST to our participants.  Together with our generous donors, we have created a truly inclusive program that brings together a wide-ranging group of artists from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and creative mediums.

Who Should Participate?

Performance Art: singers, dancers, actors, musicians, spoken word

Writing: creative writing, songwriting, screenwriting

Film: directing, video editing, sound and video engineering

Fine Art and Photography: painting, drawing, multi-medium visual artists

Due to COVID-19 all programs have been moved online!  Join us for our Monthly Zoom Workshops or sign up for our Labs in 2021!